Subject: SAFE radidio - now NPR Podcasts!

tom at tom at
Wed Jun 24 08:05:35 PDT 2009

Bob wrote:
> And with my dual hearing aids and being damned near totally deaf why
> the hell would I spend good money on an iPod?  I'm doing good to hear
> the news on public radio.  That's why I don't need/want and auxiliary
> input.  ;-)

Bob, if you're really into NPR, you could tap into nearly 700 NPR podcasts
with itunes or an ipod. NPR also has more than 50 NPR affiliates producing
podcasts, so you'd be able to access a ton of content from across the
nation, and customize it to your specific interests (no NPR Audi podcasts
yet, though):

Maybe an aux input or an ipod is sounding better?

Just a thought. ;-)

Tom '95 S6

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