Cutting up a car

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Hayes forgot to mention that it was FREAKIN' COLD!

Yea.. it sucked that the belt wouldn't make the short drive home.  When
it did start running it seemed to be down on compression on a cylinder
or two and hence the rough running.

Once the belt started slipping while driving I heard the dreaded
xylophone sounds and lost all power.  Coasted around the corner and
checked the timing.  Sure enough it was out by a huge amount.  I resent
the timing but even just starting caused it to slip.  Basta.  Done.
That's when the tow was called in.

I was hoping to be able to rescue the motor for the rally Ur-Q project
in my back yard.  Scrapped that thought now.

Anyway... we'll start stripping her down in short order.  My neighbors
are already a little peeved and it has only been here for a day!  Oh
well... ;-)

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Pretty good day.. Found the timing gear snapped in two.   Andrew and I
to the wreckers and found a couple of old Audi's.   Little bit of
wrenching/sawsalling and cam gear and woodruff was ours. (I had no idea
cam gears are the same for so many VAG engines.  We found an I5 to snag
from anyway)  We cut the belt to get it hindsight we prob should
come prepared to grab the belt too as ours was 1/3 missing/frayed.
Manually lined up the timing, checking the valve clearance with the cam
gear.lined up and went through the entire cycle without any noises (like
valves popping on something) so we hooked up the wastegate (PO took his
spring out.we put more hypo spring in J )  PO neglected to mention
the battery out. Needless to say we finally got one in and with
cranking brought her to life.sort of.  Regardless of running like crap
heading home. After about 1km the intercooler came off (we had put new
on as old was mashed in accident).  Fixed that.nother 3-4 km and we had
valve noises. (plinkity plink  as Andrew noted)  Inspection of belt
stretch/fraying that probably allowed slippage.  So, towed it after
Probably should have towed noting the timng belt being frayed but we
the chance. C'est la view.  Lots of great parts though on this 1988 5000
quattro.  I'm debating to put the leather with alcantra insert seats in
car in lieu of the cloth I have.    Going to put most suspension
away etc. however if you can think of something you would like.  I got
really nice shape Ronal's (the 15" ones) think came with car?  I have
BBS already in nice shape..but these are nicer imo and they have decent
rubber on them.  All in all good score for ~450 all told.  Plus a lot of
learning for me about timing and  tenacity in making something work.


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