Inner CV joint assembly on the axle?

Kunz, Bob bob.kunz at
Wed Mar 4 18:52:17 PST 2009

Good news on this end...

Actually as one lister pointed out the inner channel actually does slide right off the shaft. No press required. OTOH I did figure out that I did have all the blocks needed to get it on and off.

The Bentley instructions didn't apply for this particular CV joint since the cage cannot rotate the 90 degrees inside of the outer channel. It was simply a matter of one ball at a time each time almost sliding the already installed balls to where they would fall out. In retrospect this could be done on the shaft but it's easier to manipulate without the weight of the rest of the axle.

Thanks all for your help! Catastrophe averted.

'86 5ks Avant
'02 TTQR
'07 Q7 4.2

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