Anyone has an ignition switch r&r procedure description?

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Hi Bob, thanks for prompt response! But, unfortunately, on 200's after removing the cluster there is no any opening to get to the switch or screws. Nothing! 


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I did this job on my urS6 just two days ago. I presume the procedure 
for your 200 would be similar if not identical. 

1. Pull instrument cluster (three(?) screws under lower trim 
strip then three more at lower edge of IC. Slide IC out and tilt it 
so you can access the back side. Then disconnect the variuous 
electrical connector back there. They all have locking mechanisms - 
simple just figure them out.) 
2. Dig out the red sealant (if it's still there) holding two 
small set screws one on each side of the switch. Loosen BUT FOR 
AUDIGODS SAKE DO NOT REMOVE the set screws. You need a small 
straight screwdriver for this. 
3. slip the switch assembly forward (wiring harness and all) and 
work it out of the recess in which it sits. This is a lot easier 
said than done. 
4. Unplug the switch from the harness. Throw it (the switch) away. 
5. Plug the harness and new switch together and reverse the 
process to put it all back together. 

If all goes well and the switch goes easily into its proper position 
this is a 15 minute job. It took me an hour a few days 
ago. Fortunately no blood sacrifice was required - this time. 

Step 6. Buy a new switch for your Rosattobin since you will need to 
repeat the process in another year or so. 


At 04:46 PM 3/6/2009, kbogach at wrote: 
>Hi all, 
>my 200 tqa '89 lost its ignition switch, electrical part only 
>hopefully. I could not find r&r procedure in the Bentley. That seems 
>odd to me. Am I blind? Does anyone have anything on this? Any advise 
>will be greatly appreciated. 
>Thank you. 
>Konstantine Bogach 
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