Anyone has an ignition switch r&r procedure description?

cobram at cobram at
Fri Mar 6 14:40:34 PST 2009

I removed and replaced the ignition lock, and "only" needed to get the
kick panel, instrument cluster, top half of steering column plastic and
the dash pad out of the way.  Once it's all out, with a light and mirror
in hand you'll get a good look at the top of the ignition switch.  There
you'll see two small screws (usually coated in "anti tamper" blue),
loosen the screws or better yet remove with a magnetic mini screwdriver
and the ignition switch will slide out, you can then disconnect the
electrical connector and install the new one.

That being said, CHECK the back of the ignition lock and the ignition
switch, and listen for anything falling or pinging when you pull the
ignition switch back.  Common failure for these is for the spade behind
the tumbler to break, if this is the case you will have to replace the
tumbler.  Should you find you have to do this, I found a way to do it
that'll save you a days worth of work, post if you find that tab broken
and I'll post.

I have had to replace the lock tumbler on my 200TQA and the V8Q.  Here is
a pic of lock assembly with the two screws visible:

I'm going from memory and checking some pics I took, so maybe someone
with a fresher memory of the procedure might chime in.

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kbogach at writes:

> >Hi all, 
> > 
> >my 200 tqa '89 lost its ignition switch, electrical part only 
> >hopefully. I could not find r&r procedure in the Bentley. That 
> seems 
> >odd to me. Am I blind? Does anyone have anything on this? Any 
> advise 
> >will be greatly appreciated. 
> > 
> >Thank you. 
> >Konstantine Bogach 

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