OBD Connector Issue

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Mar 6 20:47:08 PST 2009

mkb wrote:
> Ok Folks,
> First issue for me on the 99 A6 28q Avant.  Took it for an emissions
> test but the emissions guy was unable to get the analyzer to
> communicate with the OBD.  He suggested I take it to another station
> and try someone who is running a different analyzer.  So I did that
> and the tech there said that he sees a comm channel open between the
> analyzer and the car but nothing else.  Can't get a reading though.
> I have access to a friends VAG-COM which I'll try hooking up tomorrow
> but was wondering if anyone had encountered such an issue before.
> Any BTDT out there?

Wow, I'm familiar with the whole OBD2 deal due to hanging out next door.

What you describe is the ultimate failure - car not talk to computer. 
What now?!

Sorry I didn't offer any solutions :(

Huw Powell



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