Smoking at the stoplights -- 95 a6q 5 speed

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Sun Mar 8 17:05:32 PDT 2009

My '76 MGB had the same symptoms  - heavy smoking under load (blue smoke, not white). I did a compression
test and cylinder #2 had basically no compression. It was a broken ring.  
White smoke indicates failed head gasket. Had one of those on the B, too ;-)

 Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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Subject: Smoking at the stoplights -- 95 a6q 5 speed

I've been going through some oil lately, so I had a friend drive my 95A6q 5  
speed with 220k miles as I followed behind in his car so that I could see 
what's  coming out of my car's tailpipe.

Normal driving down the road -- no  smoke.

Approaching stoplight -- light smoke.

at stoplight -- light  smoke

pull away from stoplight -- heavy smoke for 3 to 4 seconds, then no  smoke as 
the car gets up to speed.

My first suspect are the valve stem  seals. Although I replaced them 15,000 
miles ago when I did the timing belt. I  suppose one or two of these buggers 
could have worked their way loose, or just  become worn (although 15k miles is a 
very short time to see a  failure).

However, I want to examine all possibilities before tearing  into the engine 

Are their any other items that could cause  similar symptons, i.e., pulling 
oil into the cylinders while engine is under  vacuum?



1995 A6q  5-speed (up for interesting offers) 220k
1988 80q (sold, and still going  strong!) 250k+
1991 200q20v towed away in the middle of the night by a VW  diesel pickup 
1985 4kq a freakin' beast of a car! 275k+ and presumably  still going
1987 4k died in a hit and run 250k+
1983 4k Very first Audi 35  to 38 mpg.  Victim of crank key failure  300k+
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