New Seats - need help with wiring 5k to 200

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at
Sun Mar 8 19:17:58 PDT 2009

On 7 Mar 2009, Cody Forbes wrote:

> I've done this backwards... 200 seats in my 5ktq. When I got there I found 
> that the actual wiring in the seat does all of the same tasks, they just 
> changed the connector layout and such. I just swapped the harnesses between 
> the seats by cutting and soldering the wires from each motor to the wires 
> that used to go to the same motor on the other seat. IIRC the passenger seat 
> for some reason was a direct fit, and I did the drivers seat on my lunch 
> break at work.

As did Cody, I installed 200 seats into my 5000CS. The functionality of the two
seat designs is the same although the calibration of the seat heater system is a
little different (200 seats run a bit hot when wired to 5000CS seat heater control
modules). My method was to cut out the seat wiring harnesses of a '90 200
and splice them into my 5k. Better, I think, to make the car electrically look like
the one the new seats came from rather than the other way around.

So I would do the same in your case. Salvage the seat harnesses from a 5k
and splice them into your 200 seat harnesses. If you would like, I can go through
my 5000CS and 200 factory manuals to come up with a wiring list. One thing
to keep in mind is that some of the seat wiring harness wires are electrically hot
even while the car is not running. Short story: pull the battery ground connection
when fooling around with the seat connectors.

'88 5000CS with too many mods to list (but in need of door weather seal restoration)

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