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Mon Mar 16 20:18:32 PDT 2009

Does the Vin have an "N" in it for Neckarsulm?  If it does, the closest
Porsche factory is 50km away in Zuffenhausen, proof enough of where it
was assembled.  The history of these cars is pretty well known, the only
thing that might sink your plans is if someone comes back and says the
cars were assembled by Audi from Porsche parts, then you're in a very
grey area.  The way it's worded, if an engine was outsourced,  the
factory configuration of such a car would make the bone stock model
illegal.  Not the case with the 944, but could set up a bit of a
"God's a kid with an ant farm. He's not planning anything."
> > I'm on a quest for as much hard documentation as I can find that
> > proves beyond a doubt that the Porsche 944 was manufactured by 
> Audi
> > at the Neckarsulm facility.
> >
> > I'm wanting to be true to the word about a rule for a racing 
> series
> > that states "All ... cars must use an engine originally built by 
> the
> > manufacturer of the car's chassis...". Obviously by working to 
> the
> > letter of that rule I may install an Audi 5 cylinder in my 944 and 
> be
> > legal, but for ovious reasons this is going to be met with 
> resistance.
> > The "VW - OOOO" (where the OOOO is four rings) stamped into the 
> steel
> > of the chassis should be proof enough, but I want to be properly
> > armed.

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