So, like, what's up with Audiworld?

Tess McMillan tessmc at
Wed Mar 18 11:40:30 PDT 2009

I had to laugh when my friend posted one of the messages over to the Alfa

The poster was having runability issues with his turbo conversion.
Buried in the sequence of events was the mention that he and his
buddy had decided to hook up the engine to a bag of sand, using the
vacuum of the intake to do the dirty work. Their plan was that this would
P&P the system. They were surprised that the approach didn't work. &;->

My friend was asking "what is this world coming to?". I think he was
referring to Darwinian self-selection, or at least to the superiority of
Alfa shade-tree mechanics over Audi shade-tree mechanics. I had to keep
quiet... being a full-time student now means putting up with an awful lot
of "need-to-fixes" on my beloved '88 80Q....

I'm not like a Jeep owner; those guys LIVE for problems. I think that's
twisted! But there's something more appealing about working on your car
when you _don't_ need to (i.e., you have the money to get things fixed) vs.
working on your car when you _have_ to (i.e. because you can't afford to
get things fixed for you). Maybe more and more people are in the latter
category these days.

in Bellevue, WA USA

"Monteringen ska utföras av kunnig person, då felmontering kan leda till
att möbeln faller och skadar någon eller något. Eftersom det finns olika
väggmaterial, medföljer ej skruvar för vägginfästning."

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