Help! - Windows Update!

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Mar 18 20:38:20 PDT 2009

> 86 CSQT Electrical Window update. After repairing 14 broken wires in
>  door jamb, had window problems on Drivers (left side) door windows.
>  Drivers door glass would go down, but not back up. Rear door window
>  wouldn't do anything. Replace rear door switch in front arm rest and
>  it now works great! Diagnosed no power coming in on the yellow wire
>  from the Power Window relay for the Drivers door window. So, will be
>  pulling wire harness out of door to check conductivity. Been slow to
>  work on as we have received about 7 inches of more snow and cold 
> temperatures since last post.

> Oh, can I hot wire power across the window switch for power to run it
> up?

It would be smarter to hot wire the green/greenblack wire to the motor 
itself with ground and 12v.

Huw Powell

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