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Wed Mar 18 21:13:46 PDT 2009

.... rather than whipping out the jumper cables you can pull out the switch
at the door you would like to roll up and disconnect the plug.  You'll
notice that the plug is really in two pieces, slide them apart.  Reconnect
the 3 pin connector to the switch in the normal orientation and rotate the
two pin 180 degrees and connect it to the pins on the switch.  Now when you
tell the window to go down it will go up.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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86 CSQT Electrical Window update. After repairing 14 broken wires in door
jamb, had window problems on Drivers (left side) door windows. Drivers door
glass would go down, but not back up. Rear door window wouldn't do anything.
Replace rear door switch in front arm rest and it now works great! Diagnosed
no power coming in on the yellow wire from the Power Window relay for the
Drivers door window. So, will be pulling wire harness out of door to check
conductivity. Been slow to work on as we have received about 7 inches of
more snow and cold temperatures since last post. Oh, can I hot wire power
across the window switch for power to run it up?

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