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John Cody Forbes cody at
Mon Mar 23 18:40:36 PDT 2009

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> More changes!

Thanks for the effort man! I'll add why I'm here that your posts on the wiki 
list are not going un-read, just been way busy for the last week getting 
ready for a race and spending every other free moment playing in that A8 
transmission. After this weekend the race will be history, and I THINK I'm 
going to be driving the A8 on Thursday so I should have some time open to 
work a few minutes every other day or so on the wiki.

As for the website, right at the minute I think maybe you saved over the 
logo graphic as there's a very very distorted picture of what might be an 
S-car. Wait... you fixed it ;-). Looks good!

My only constructive critism: (I appologise now for being a vocal obsessive 
compulsive perfectionist)
-You might wrap "Knowledge Base" on to the line below "Archives".
-On the mechanics page the phone numbers wrap the last 4 digits which looks 
a bit funky.
-Would it be possible to group by region (Southeast US, New England US, 
Midwest US, West CoastUS, Western Canada, Eastern Canada, etc) on the phone 
book page as well as the recomendations? The mechanics page is sparse enough 
for the minute that it doesn't really matter, but for the recomendations it 
would be nice. I suppose that could/should be discussed on the wiki list...

-Cody Forbes

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