IC Hose comes off... put it back on and I'm not so sure

hayes myers hayesmyers at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 20:00:48 PDT 2009

Recently changed the intercooler.  Things were running fine until the lower
intercooler hose came off a block from home. got a bud to tow me.

put the hose back on. (hopefully it is on right).

car starts now... but has rough low idle.  when i gas it the engine revs
freely ..however let off the gas and even at 750 it sounds like it wants to

Before it would bog down but not to the point of really stalling like this.

Other point was on the highway on the way home i thoguht i finally heard the
vacuum leak i've been looking for (guess i surely did hear something)... and
thn off she went.  i'm wondering if running with the IC potentially leaking
could have caused this running problem i hav now or perhaps it is my hosed
ic hose job.

If this points to poor seating of the IC hose then that's at least a
starting point for me.

Any input appreciated. I'll be wrenchin early.

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