website changes

John Cody Forbes cody at
Mon Mar 23 22:06:20 PDT 2009

John Cody Forbes wrote:
> As for the website, right at the minute I think maybe you saved over
> the logo graphic as there's a very very distorted picture of what
> might be an S-car. Wait... you fixed it ;-). Looks good!

Ok this is driving me nuts. If I manually enter the address and go to the
website on a fresh IE window the logo graphic is an impossible-to-see car of
some sort stretched horribly. If I head to any page the logo changes to the
Audifans logo. At that point if I head back to the home page the graphic is
correct. Even if, while on the home page viewing the wrong image, I click on 
the image it basically refreshes the page but with the correct logo. Closing 
the window and re-opening brings back the funky logo. I
tried heading off site then back to see which logo I would get, but all I
got was a crashed IE. A second attempt left me finding the correct logo. The 
only way to end up with the wrong logo is to open a fresh window and start 
from scratch. Refreshing doesn't help. Shift+Refrest (force reload images) 
doesn't work. The image is not in my cache. When viewing the wrong image if 
I right click and save it the file that I get is the correct logo. The 
address of both images are the same, and pulling up just the image by url 
gives me the correct logo every time no matter how I try to manipulate it.

Anybody else able to replicate this?


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