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Mon Mar 23 23:15:20 PDT 2009

In the nit picking department (and this would be at the bottom of the
list of things to fix I'm sure) any possibility of fixing the date
coding for the Marketplace e-mails?  It's all screwed up where it
always shows December as the month, the date only changes when the
month changes and coincides with the number of the month, and year
always lags by a year.  Currently when you get an e-mail the date
structure in the body of the e-mail is "December 03, 2008".  All
e-mails sent in March will have that same date.  Next month it will
change to "December 04, 2008".  Been this way ever since we came back
from the big crash of a few years ago.

Not a big deal, as obviously the e-mails themselves have the right
date stamp, and if you click on the link the post on the website will
have the right date.  I had sent an e-mail to Mark Chang about it but
he never had time to look into it.  So, figured as you were in clean
up mode Brett, that I'd let you know about that issue.  Again, low


On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:09 PM, Brett Dikeman <brett.dikeman at> wrote:
> More changes!
> -The site-wide banner has been put on a diet, and is now considerably smaller
> *the defunct registry and 'help' links were removed
> *the logo was moved to the center
> *links to the new mechanic and parts vendor lists were inserted
> -The marketplace code has been modified slightly to include the
> site-wide banner.
> -The site-wide banner also now appears in all of the archives.
> Why the last two changes?  Well, I can tell (in an aggregate fashion,
> not per-user) how much time people spend on the site, how many pages
> they check out, and how many people leave the site after reading a
> particular page.
> The marketplace and the archives represent the overwhelming bulk of
> our traffic, and they also have the lowest time/page count/bounce
> rates; less than half of the rest of the site.  Putting the site
> banner on top will hopefully lead people to check out more of the
> site, and may benefit the lists too as more people are likely to find
> them.  We'll see over the next few days how it goes.
> That aside, what do people think of the look?  I vastly prefer the new
> look of the marketplace; it looks like it actually belongs in the
> site.  I'm less crazy about the look in the archives, and may strike
> the blue border from it.
> Anyone played with the new search engine?
> Brett
> PS:The mechanic list has joined the parts vendor list on the wiki!
> It's just waiting for your recommendations and updates :) (I am slowly
> converting the old format; it's being split into a phone-book style
> listing and a recommendations list.  If you want to help, pick one of
> the mechanics, remove the contact info from the recommendations
> section, and add an entry in the phone-book-style part.  There are 2-3
> listings converted already as examples.
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