How 'interference' are the 12v engines?

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Mon Mar 30 09:44:31 PDT 2009

After nearly 15 years of doing my own repairs, including Timing belts on 5  
or 6 Audis, I made a stupid, rookie mistake.  I replaced the valve seals on  my 
95 A6q 5-speed and left the socket wrench I used to manually turn the engine  
attached to the crank bolt.
Well, when you hit the key with the socket wrench still attached, bad  things 
happen.  Like, the crank bolt backs out and the timing belt skips a  few (10 
or so) teeth.  That, and your heart sinks to the bottom of your  shoes, 
followed by a string of invectives aimed squarely at oneself.
I'm sure that worse things have happened.  And, on the 5 cylinder  engines, 
it's no big deal.  I've even seen this method used to break the  crank bolt 
free on an 80q.  
As with most disasters, time and money are the cure.  Still, I'd like  to 
escape with as little time and even less money thrown needlessly at the  car.
So, I got a new t-belt from Napa (a Contitech belt, nonetheless) and a  
compression tester from O'Reilly Auto Parts (part of their loaner tool  program).  
When I get back home tonight, I'll put the timing belt on and do a  
compression test on all 6 cylinders.  If that reads ok, it's most likely no  harm, no 
Otherwise, It's probably time to loosen up the headbolts and dig into the  
Any thoughts?  Similar unsavory experiences?  Spare AFC heads  (cheap) for 
Also, does anybody know what tool I need to loosen the head bolts?   They 
appear to have a 6-point torx-like pattern on the top of the bolt (male  end) so 
that the correct socket would be a female torx-like apparatus.
1995 A6q  5-speed (up for interesting offers) 220k
1988 80q (sold, and still going  strong!) 250k+
1991 200q20v towed away in the middle of the night by a VW  diesel pickup 
1985 4kq a freakin' beast of a car! 275k+ and presumably  still going
1987 4k died in a hit and run 250k+
1983 4k Very first Audi 35  to 38 mpg.  Victim of crank key failure  300k+
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