Proud new owner

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Mon Mar 30 10:34:04 PDT 2009

Kent, congratulations, I"ve seen that car for sale several times, and
it's certainly sounds nice. I think the wood has been painted int that
car, and that's the only thing aobut it that didn't catch my fancy.
However, it's got one heck of a list of parts on it. Having driven
quite a few automatic V8's, and four 5-speed cars (all '91 originals)
I'll have to say I much prefer the 5-speed cars. 0-60 in 9.2 seconds
with 240 hp, pleeeeeeease!! I can outdrag my wifes V8 off the line in
my stock 4000Q!. The 5-speed cars did it in about 7.0 or less when

Glad to see it going to someone who can appreciate it.

BTW, all the 5,6, and 8-cylinder bellhousings are the same, but not
the 4's. However, the 90's and beyond all have both patterns on their
bellhousings. That started in 88. However, I don't believe the bigger
cars switched to that till 92, with the C4 chassis. And, stock the
V8's all have a 4.11:1 final drive. They are the same for both manual
and automatic.

Other than the V8 factory manual trans, the 200 20V trans is the next
best to use. That's what's in the car.


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