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Huw Powell audi at
Tue Mar 31 18:30:33 PDT 2009

cobram at wrote:
> Huw Powell <audi at> writes:
>> the conversion?  Heck, when my Dorf 250 threw a rod, I kept driving 
>> it and got it home - what was I gonna hurt?  PS, it wouldn't start 
>> again, go figure.
> When these things happen, the adrenaline (or whatever you want to call
> it) kicks in, you weight the options,and usually stomp the accelerator to
> the floor and enjoy the ride.  I did the same thing on a slant 6 many
> moons ago, cost me a hood and an engine, the piston blew out the block
> and through the hood.....AND the damn thing went 11 miles in this
> condition before giving up the ghost in a rather spectacular, Viking way.
>> When my used 12 hp lawnmower thing threw a rod, there were no 
>> options.
> Same thing happened to me on my snow thrower,  connecting rod snapped and
> that's all she wrote.  Was it a Tecumseh too?

No, Briggs and Stratton.  I bought another tractor with a similar motor 
that leaks oil out the bottom gasket to fix up and replace it.  Let's 
hope it lasts longer...

Huw Powell

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