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Thanks Hayes.

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This depends.   Is it a turbo? If so you can't fix it. I will buy it from
you. OR... you may find success at the wreckers...typically the best way to
go...not too hard to unbolt the fender anyway.  Not sure if new fenders are
available etc...but wreckers will be cheap.

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I crashed my boyfriends car and now need to replace the fender on a 1985
4000 Quattro.  Does anyone have a ball park figure of how much this would

Thank you!

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Diet coke is a staple...along with the Captain from time to time

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> Subject: After market warranty
> Hi Y'all,
> Been seeing a lot of TV advertising by US Fidelis for their after 
> market warranty service.  Several questions come to mind:
> Do you have experience with the company?
> Are they reputable and dependable (i.e. do they pay for what they 
> claim to pay for)?
> Is their coverage adequate?  Etc?
> Should I consider a warranty  purchase for Miss Piggy (95.5 urS6) or 
> should I just run away?
> Their quoted price is $2675 for an added 5 years and 100K miles (on 
> top of present 12x K miles - that would get me to May of 2014 and 22x K
> Bob

Google 'em . . . "US Fidelis warranty"

Lots of hits containing the words "class action suit against" and "State of
Missouri vs." and "no 
coverage" and "sucks" and "fraud" and "high pressure tactics" - and that's
just the first 30 hits.

So - no personal experience, and from the looks of it, I don't want any (nor
do you).

I just saved you $2675, you can buy me a cold one ;-) (Diet coke is fine.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8Q

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