Fender ?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri May 1 13:14:17 PDT 2009

Unlikely to find one at the wreckers, everything that old has been 
crushed by now (except at force five...).

And, yes, the fender is pretty easy to remove and replace.  Note that 
the 85-87.5 coupe GT fender is exactly the same, as are 2wd 4000s.

Where are you located?  I might have saved some in the attic.

Hayes Myers wrote:
> This depends.   Is it a turbo? If so you can't fix it. I will buy it from
> you. OR... you may find success at the wreckers...typically the best way to
> go...not too hard to unbolt the fender anyway.  Not sure if new fenders are
> available etc...but wreckers will be cheap.
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> Subject: Fender ?
> Hi,
> I crashed my boyfriends car and now need to replace the fender on a 1985
> 4000 Quattro.  Does anyone have a ball park figure of how much this would
> cost.
> Thank you!

Huw Powell



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