Happy Birthday Brett [and audifans list options]

urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu May 7 08:09:42 PDT 2009

.... second all the BD wishes for Brett ... 

While I too would recommend "recombination" of the moribund sublists, I do
not advocate recombining active ones.  The sublists allow a mechanism for
fine tuning to individual interests ... I can sub the groups I want/need to
participate with.  The only bummer about the model is that some people find
it necessary to CC multiple lists ... if everyone joined the beeg list and
used it for general interest items there should be no need to multi-post.
With the reduced BW on the main list I find this to be quite practical.  I'm
set up so that all list traffic I'm subbed to goes to a single folder, and I
can handle it all in a few minutes a day.  

Steve Buchholz

-----Original Message-----

Subject pretty much covers it.

Now please rename me with a space in my name on the wiki, and 
re-conglomerate the lists.

I hope you will enjoy many happy returns.

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