A/C Compressor Zener Diode to stop radio popping (urq)

syljay syljay at optonline.net
Sun May 10 08:47:14 PDT 2009

>Does anyone know where I can find the appropriate Zener Diode to use
>with the a/c compressor (patient is a 200q20v) to stop the feedback
>popping when the clutch cycles?

SA15A - Transient Voltage Suppressor
     * Glass passivated junction.
     * 500W Peak Pulse Power capability on 10/1000 ms waveform.
     * Excellent clamping capability.
     * Low incremental surge resistance.
     * Fast response time; typically less than 1.0 ps from 0 volts to
BV for unidirectional and 5.0 ns for bidirectional.
     * Typical IR less than 1.0 mA above 10V

Data sheet here:

Source here for  $0.23 each:

Source here for $0.25 each:

I would call a local Radio Shack store and see if they can get it for
you, and save yourself shipping costs.

SJ in NJ

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