V6 crank lock tool

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun May 10 07:46:39 PDT 2009

IIRC on the 30v you don't remove the crank sensor. There is a black  
plastic plug on the lower portion of the drivers side of the engine  
block held by one bolt with a 10mm head. It isn't easy to see and less  
easy to reach. On A4s I usually remove the horn which is bolted below  
the engine mount to make the access a tiny bit better.

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On May 9, 2009, at 8:21 PM, William Magliocco  
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> I have done these a couple of times on the older 12 valve motor; I  
> am not sure if it is the same on the 30 valve V6 motor.
> On the older motor, the crank tool is a pin.  You remove the  
> crankshaft position sensor (which will have a cable going to it).   
> This is on the flywheel and is on the US driver's side of the  
> engine, on the rear of course.  This sensor will have an allen bolt  
> holding it in.
> Once the CKP sensor is out of the way you'll need to get the engine  
> to TDC for the pin to fit correctly.  You simply screw it in...
> Once installed the crank will be locked in there nice & tight.
> I wish V-A-G had used this on earlier motors, such as the 4 cylinder  
> diesels.  It works rather well and there is no ambiguity about where  
> the crankshaft is set.
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