A/C Compressor Zener Diode to stop radio popping

George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Sun May 10 12:36:42 PDT 2009

At 03:00 PM 5/10/2009, you wrote:
>I don't think most of the locally available belts
>fit as well as a Contitech or Gates, I heard.  I had the "alt belt
>jumping ship" thing happen before, usually when driving somewhat
>spiritedly.  It seems to happen when shifting at high rpms.

I haven't had good luck with the Contitech belts, the two I've tried 
on my 200's alternator broke with minutes of installation.  I've had 
much better luck with belts from NAPA, don't know why.

George Selby 

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