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Wally Choate wallychoate at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 10:33:46 PDT 2009

The transmission is fixed!!
When I dropped the pan I discovered the filter was broken.  It is a bag in a box and the negative pressure from the pump suction blew up the bag up until it broke off a corner of the plastic cover allowing the two halves of the fabric to separate and blow the junk into tranny. The remaining junk appeared to be low density, slightly magnetic, rust scale .020" thick and .100" in diameter.
Cost: $160 for 8 liters of ATF, filter, and gasket.
I can second Cody's thought: how many A8's are out there, with "blown transmissions" that only need a simple fix. A call to Dads Auto when I was considering my options indicated that they have 5 recently acquired A8's with only bad transmissions.

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My 1997 A8 with 116,000 miles has been producing the VAG code "17114 - Gear Ratio Monitoring: Incorrect Gear Ratio P0730 - 35 - 00 - - - Intermittent" for a few months and sometimes goes into "17125 - Torque Converter Clutch: Stuck OFF / No Power being transferred P0741 - 35-0.  Turning the ignition off and on resets the clutch and I have reset the Gear Ratio fault several times with the VAG.
I changed the trans fluid at 86,000 miles in 2002 when I bought the car.
Should I replace the RPM sensor module, put in a rebuilt transmission, start over with another 5 year old A8, or another idea from a lister?

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