Advice on selling an "older" A4Q

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Tue May 19 06:55:20 PDT 2009

Some details shops can work wonders on scratches etc for cheap...

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Thanks for the advice, that's pretty much what I figured. It's nice to be
right :-)

Full repairs are well over $1000, to fix basically a couple of scratches,
etc. There's no payback in that. A good wash/wax/vacuum is $99 at a detail
shop. I appreciate the tips on where to list. Free is good, but I'm willing
to spend a few dollars to put ads in places that are worth it. I can't see
spending like $100 or more for newspapers though.

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OK, maybe it's not old compared to some of your trusty rides here, but it's
a '97 A4Q1.8T that belongs to my mother.

My main questions are about condition. It's 12 years old, but with very low
mileage. Cosmetically, its share of bumps and bruises. A couple of bumper
scrapes, a door ding or two, and a crack in the interior. Given that the car
is in superb mechanical condition (I saw to that), is it worth worrying too
much about minor cosmetics? All the car ads I see talk about "showroom
mint", but that's hardly feasible in a 12 year old car. I vote "no", but Mom
thinks about spending $$$ to fix them up. Anyone have experience with such

Of course, an ad will be in the Marketplace shortly; any other pros/cons
about places to list it?  Vehix? Craiglslist? Ebay motors? Local papers?
She's not in a huge hurry to sell, but she does want it gone.


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