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I forgot to include that both systems have Windoze XP as the OS.

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Subject: ETKA installation

I had ETKA5 on a PC I've used the last several years and transferred the
files to a new laptop I'm using to replace the PC.  I just have the two
folders (epc_root and epc_prog) on the C drive as separate folders.  I
can't seem to get the program to open.  Should they be placed somewhere,
like in the program files folder, so they'll work?   What do I use from
either of them to put on the desktop for activation?  Also, my laptop has
a display setting of 1280X800 and that's the highest number available on
the settings scale.  Will that work or make the screen image too big?  Is
there a way to adjust to the 1280X1040  ETKA is supposed to like?  
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