ETKA installation

cobram at cobram at
Wed May 20 10:24:55 PDT 2009

The version you have will not run in that resolution, it needs a minimum
of 1280X1024 to run, if the resolution isn't native to your display,
chances are even if you can emulate it the image will be unusable.
The good news is that you can either install the new version 7.XX or you
can access it on-line 
without having to install anything on your computer, go to:

An e-mail and PW is all you'll need for complete access.

I have installed the "Tecar" V7.XX on my Vista system, and this new
version will run in just about any resolution, you're no longer limited
by the 1280X1024.  It's also much better to navigate, print etc.
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Kneale Brownson <kneale at> writes:
> I had ETKA5 on a PC I've used the last several years and transferred 
> the
> files to a new laptop I'm using to replace the PC.  I just have the 
> two
> folders (epc_root and epc_prog) on the C drive as separate folders.  
> I
> can't seem to get the program to open.  Should they be placed 
> somewhere,
> like in the program files folder, so they'll work?   What do I use 
> from
> either of them to put on the desktop for activation?  Also, my 
> laptop has
> a display setting of 1280X800 and that's the highest number 
> available on
> the settings scale.  Will that work or make the screen image too 
> big?  Is
> there a way to adjust to the 1280X1040  ETKA is supposed to like?  

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