Ride of Silence tomorrow

John Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
Wed May 20 15:08:49 PDT 2009

This brings to mind the question: lucky to be ok or unlucky for the
accident. I always go with lucky!!

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thanks for the heads up. i got hin + run last year by a typical marin
deuchbag ensconced in a giant lexus land cruzer thing with a cellphone
attached to hear head. i was cruising downhill at about 25mph, she
turned onto the street and drifted into me, squeezing me into the
curb. truck hit my left side, front time hit curb [hadn't scrubbed any
speed] and promptly went over the bars. somehow didn't bounce my
helmetless head off the curb [dumbdumbdumb], the telephone pole or the
fire hydrant. back wheel hit the ground so hard the front wheel shot
off the bike and landed across the street. it did reduce my laptop to

thankfully i'm pretty hard to break [so jest all my mountain bike /
motorcycle buddies who seen me brush off falls that would hospitalize
most] and was just a little banged up. more importantly my lovely,
lovely waterford was virtually unscathed.

what was cool is a cop happened by, saw me post crash, took a
description and spent 15 minutes trying to find her. he was PISSED.
big thumbup to john Q law on that one.

so yeah, drive nice out there. motorcycles and bicyclists are
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