NAC: Ride of Silence tomorrow

Brendan mailinglist at
Wed May 20 20:50:35 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 20 May 2009, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> The WHOLE POINT is to raise awareness on BOTH sides and as a result,

Hmmmm, not looking to get into it with you, Brett. My point was that direct 
action (talking to city planning boards for bike lanes, wearing gear, avoiding 
traffic, training drivers better) are things to be brought up and can be done 
fairly easily. Raising awareness of people who have proven they aren't "Aware" 
of the space around them, may not be worthwhile...that's all. No bitchy-bitchy 

> Many roads were started after lobbying by bicyclist clubs, whose
> members wanted to be able to travel long distances on decent paths.
> Cars came later, chief.

Yes, chief, got ya.

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