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> Changed my struts and my steering wheel is now off center. (no, I did not
> mark the strut mount nuts before removing.) Car seems to ride just fine.
> just the wheel is off center.  Any thoughts on how to fixie? Btw: using
> the
> strut tool is great.
> Hayes Myers, P.Eng
> 91 200 TQM 10v

There are various procedures for front end parts replacement. Many talk
about taking great pains to get everything back exactly where it was,
thereby preventing the need to get an alignment afterwards. It have never
had that actually work for me.

So: Replace parts (you have already done this). Get camber dialed in (with
camber plate etc. I have had success using a plumb-bob and trigonometry
technique learned from some genius on the web). Then get the 'toe' dialed
in. Take it for a test drive and see if you like it. Finally, if the
steering wheel is no longer centered, crank one tie-rod end in and the
other out equal amounts, in the correct direction, to center the steering
wheel. Lots of screwing around, but a satisfying project.

Tom LH
1995 90q

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