springs for my 90q from another model?

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Wed May 27 15:55:28 PDT 2009

Rebecca, you have a bit of a difficult one there.

You don't state what the specific reasoning is, such as replacing a
broken spring, raising hte car, or better handling. So, I'll assume
raising the car is your main goal.

Springs from a 4000Q are actually about 1.25 inches shorter. In fact,
I have 90Q springs on my winter 4000Q for the added ground clearance.
The Type 44 cars (5000/100/200/V8) are quite a bit different, and the
springs are larger in diameter.

You can search other models for the right length and width that you
need. However, that may take some time, and without the knowledge of
the spring rate, keeping the ride similar might be not much more than
a shot in the dark.

Another option is to use the spring expander blocks you can get at any
FLAPS. Those simply twist into place, but will only raise the car a
bit (I think in the area of 1/2").

You touched on probably the easiest (but a bit expensive) option of
coilovers. These will allow you to adjust the ride height of the car
to wherever you want it. Don't forget to match the corner weights when
doing this, though. It can affect the ride/handling/steering a lot if
not fairly close. BTDT :(

Another way to raise the car is to get a second set of spring perches
and weld a spacer in between them. Basically, you use the bottom
spring perch that's on the car for support. Then, you cut another
bottom spring perch from another strut assy (4000Q will also work for
the donor). Then, cut a piece of pipe (I like to use 1/4" thick for
strength) whatever height desired to raise the car the amount you
want. This pipe will be big enough in diameter to sit in the original
spring perch, idealy. Then, I like to weld the pipe to the donor
spring perch. However, it's not 100% necessary. Then, set your raised
spring perch on the original, and assemble the strut assembly.


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Rebecca Ruston <rebeccaruston at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I hardly ever post on here, but have fun reading stuff and am curious about something.
> I have an '88 90 quattro and I'm wondering if springs from the 4000 or 100 or some other model would fit on it. I'm gonna end up buying springs or maybe even a coilover setup but for now I am wondering if there are springs out there that I might find at a junk yard that would affect the ride at all.
> I am not trying to lower the car, actually taller would be nice...

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