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Mark Hi,
there is a VERY interesting iltis related discussion group on yahoogroups.
I have been its member for quite a few years now since I was interested into
buying a couple of those.
The Greek armed forces were given a couple hundred of iltii when NATO
re-distributed the vehicles of the German armed forces almost five years ago
and I had access to a few of those.
As for the Morris Traveler, isn't this vehicle that we can enjoy on the
Wallace and Grommit cartoon?
Take care

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I presume you're thinking of the Morris Traveler.  I'm fairly familiar with
them as my mom used to drive one....long before I came along though.  They
had no relation to the DKW that I know of.  They are from the same period of
time and do share some styling cues though.

The Iltis was a military vehicle that got its start with the Munga so it
would be the younger of the two.  Louis-Alain is probably more familiar with
them than most of us as the Canadian military used them for many years after
the Germans stopped.  Production (and, I believe naming) moved from
Volkswagen to Bombardier.  


Pantelis Giamarellos wrote: 

Mark Hi,

The "woody" wagon looks extremely similar to a vehicle that was made in the

UK at around the same time.

We all know that the German automobile heavy industry was kickstarted

adopting a few things from the British right after the war.  So is there any

chance that this "woody" is the same as the UK one but made in Germany?  (I

think it was a Morris)

But I think it is a two wheel drive.

On the other hand the iltis is a four wheel drive but it is an open top

(even with a fabric hood/roof) and only carried four persons......

Take care


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Audi's own DKW van in display at Museum Mobile:

What about the DKW Meisterklasse "woody" wagon:


(I hope the links survive the reply)


Louis-Alain Richard wrote:



The DKW Van is amusing ? No, better, hilarious ! I even find it a 

similarity with the Q7, that inflated fish look...

For now, it's my favourite shape-wise. The Q7 is a people mover before 

beign a 4x4 SUV, no ?


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This is pretty amusing-







Take it home!




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