A6 timing belt

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Thu May 28 13:16:40 PDT 2009

David Giannandrea wrote:
> I'm thinking of buying my buddy's 1997 A6. I'm pretty sure it will need a
> timing belt. It's the V-6.
> So do I need any other special tool besides the crank counter-hold? I've got
> everything else (sockets, pin wrenches, big torquers).
> Is there a procedure out there somewhere?
> David
The Bentley manual gives a good description of the procedure, and you 
really should have that it if you're gonna own this car.  Besides the 
crankshaft holding pin (note: it's a pin, not the counter-hold 
wrench/bar the I5s use),  you'll need the camshaft holding bar (note 2: 
there are 2 different bars, one for early cars, one for later ones).  
The cams aren't keyed to the gears, and the fixture is used to set 
everything in place while you replace the belt.  Plan on the timing belt 
kit, some oil seals, a serpentine belt, and the serpentine belt 
tensioner  IIRC, and it's been a while, much of the nose comes pretty 
easily and there's good access once that's accomplished.  In closing, 
I'm sure there's a procedure out there somewhere on the web.  Read it 
and follow it, because it may not be quite like you might think! 


Having just done this last week on my 99 A6q, I must say that it's not too bad of a job to do.  Slow and steady got me there.  As already mentioned, crank lock tool and camshaft locking bar are essential.  A three-arm puller is also required if you are going to change the cam seals.

Check the audiworld forums for some step-by-step instructions on how to do the TB.  The procedures are very similar for the 30-valve and 12-valve engines having done both.

Oh yeah, here's a tip.  If you're going to disconnect the transmission cooler lines at the radiator, don't.  It's much easier if you disconnect the high-pressure trans line which you can see just below the front of the engine leading into the radiator (easily opened with two adjustable wrenches).  Which also saves you from getting a new pair of O-rings for the trans cooler line and trying to put those back in again.  If you have a a couple of those recycling tubs you can put them in front of the car and gently rest the front-end (lock carrier?) on these and have plenty of room to work.

Good luck!

99 A6 28q Avant
97 A4 18tqa


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