euro light install, 91 Avant

Ed Kellock ed.kellock at
Sun May 31 08:21:52 PDT 2009

I got them with the car when I bought it 3 years ago Feb. They've been
sitting in boxes since. I had to fix one of the adjusters which was
disconnected inside so I had both of them apart to get a better look at
that and cleaned all the reflectors. Got the driver's side mounted and
started looking at wiring. I have a harness I bought for the 87 5kcstq I
had years ago to run higher watt bulbs in the stock lights. I think I can
use it to power these euros. It has two relays etc. Tomorrow I will
install the passenger side light. Last night I figured out which tab is
which on the light. I need a connector. Is there an appropriate connector
available anywhere at the local auto parts store or wherever? Otherwise
I'll just use individual insulated tabs.

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