86 Coupe for sale in Montreal

gervais5 gervais5 at videotron.ca
Sun May 31 14:33:13 PDT 2009

Time has come to part with my coupe that has been my daily driver for 15 years. My goal was to bring this car up to and above 500 KKm so I've done a lot of preventive maintenance on it but now my priorities have changed and I just can't put as much time on it as needed.


Last summer: fuel pump was replaced along with filters. Plugs and wiring was changed. Redid a partial paint job on the car including all lower body under trim, bumpers repainted. All my paint work was done by sandblasting, phosphate, epoxy primer base coat and urethane clearcoat. Five years ago repainted the car, there are now three little spots that need to be touched but because I retouched every year there is nothing major. Car was also shot with rust preventive oil twice per year. Powder coat summer rims, original untouched in the winter.


Beginning of this summer. I discovered a loose connection in the fuse box so all connectors were opened cleaned and Deox-it. I also redid the loom  in the engine bay that goes to the ECU, included the start valve circuit. I used the donor car wiring ( good side) and liberal use of shrink wiring and sealed all end connections.


Because I had two donor cars, many parts were changed along the years. I have about 15 boxes of parts all sorted per theme.


I had a cold start problem this winter that needs fixing ( switch needs replacements). I pulled the injectors recently and two were really bad. I managed to clean them a bit, but really all the injectors need replacement. I have 9 spares bathing in oil that could be sent out for ultrasonic cleaning.

As this is my last post, I would like to thank Dan Simoes for making the list and the excellent community. Your help was much appreciated ( a lot in the begining) and without it probably would not have had this car so long. Huw Powell, if your there, thanks, your site really helped.


Anyone interested, please e-mail me. This will be a pick-up only and I'm on the south-shore off the island of Montreal. 

Daniel Gervais 

86 Coupe

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