'84 CGT / '84 Scirocco Interchange?

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Sun May 31 20:32:20 PDT 2009

The proportioning valves may be different, worth checking in to.

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The stub axles will bolt right on, and everything after that is also
pretty much bolt up. You will need the e-brake cables from the disc
car as well. Some of them attach differently in the center of the car
(above the exhaust, in the trans/exhaust tunnel), so you will want to
check that and make sure you get the piece the cables go into if it's
different. Also, you will need the rubber lines from the disc car. I
replace them and the cables with new when doing one of these swaps.
They are usually at least 20 years old, after all.

Basically, you will pull the drums completely apart as if doing a
brake job, then pull the bolts that hold the stub axle in place. Pull
the discs off their stub axle as well, and then pull their bolts.
There are four, same bolt pattern, on both the discs and the drums.
Then, put the disc stub axles on your car, and reassemble everything
using the disc lines and e-brake cables.

I've never changed the master for doing the rears, only when upgrading
the fronts significantly.


On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 6:51 PM, mwvogt at netzero.com <mwvogt at netzero.com>
> Long shot here. Anyone ever taken an '84 Scirocco rear drum to disk
conversion kit and done an '84 drum to disk conversion??
> Complications? Compatibilities? New Master cylinder? etc.
> Any help very very appreciated.
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