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Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Sun Nov 15 11:47:56 PST 2009

If highway only, at 60 mph, I'm sure you can beat the odds. I did it last
year in a 09 Jetta TDI, we did 4.2 L/100km (56 mpg) while the official
figure were 4.8 (49 mpg). Granted, it was 100% highway with only a stop for
coffee at mid point.

Read it here : (Warning : shameless self promotion...) 


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I might be taking a 1200 mile drive to Florida from NY in my 09 Passat  
wagon with the 2.0 turbo 4cyl.

What kind of straight highway mileage should I expect. The book says  
29. I get 22 around town on regular gas and not pushing.

Thanks, Steve

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