Brake behavior

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at
Thu Nov 19 18:47:36 PST 2009

Hi all.


I'm a regular poster in the V8 and 200Q20v lists, but I have a question that
is really related to a 1990 200tq 10v, and thought you guys could help. A
little background first:


I have replaced everything that is rubber under the car, including shocks,
lower control arms, tie-rod ends. In doing so, we removed each wheel
assembly in the front including the calipers, as well as the calipers in the
back. We did the brake lines and pads all around. Prior to doing so, the
brake pedal was firm, but sort of dead, meaning that the power assist did
not seem to be active. It felt like a conventional, non-powered brake
system. But, it worked. No ABS light, and the car stopped quite well.



Once we re-assembled the car, we re-pressured the lines, and then bled out
the brakes using the pressure system. They bled well (a TON of fluid), but
when we put the car on the ground, the pedal pulsed, and then went straight
to the floor, and the calipers seem to have clamped down. We can still roll
the car, but clearly the brakes are not working.


I am not familiar with this braking system, so I'm in the dark, and my Audi
wrench is more familiar with B4+ cars, so this one is a mystery to him as
well. His first thought is master cylinder (not leaking), or the bomb (which
neither of us have much knowledge of, either than it exists).


Does anyone have any words of wisdom here?





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