90 200tq 10v - Total loss of electrical power and bucking

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sun Nov 22 14:32:18 PST 2009

Brian K. Ullrich wrote:
> The buck is indeed rather dramatic. Of course, that could be my own
> perspective, but it happens at 1.7 bar (indicated), and stops once bar is
> under 1.6 (indicated). I occasionally see 1.9 bar (indicated), but it only
> fleeting. 

It may be a red herring, but there is also an ignition cut-out at redline. If 
you see 1.7 bar and hit redline, it might cut the ignition, on-and-off as you 
bounce against the rev limiter. Easing off the gas, getting below the rev 
limiter, would also drop the turbo pressure.  Just food for thought (as it 
should be obvious when you hit the rev limiter, but you might overlook the 
obvious, too).

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