A4 1.8 turbo quattro vs. 200 20v turbo quattro

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> Thinking about upgrading my ride to a turbo model, NA 5000s quattro just
> dsoesn't have the punch that I need in the mountains. I'm interested in the
> pro's and con's of these two models. What kinds of proiblems am I likely to
> encounter. What kind of fuel mileage can I reasonably expect on the highway (I
> usually drive the limit or a little more.) Any other pertinent information
> would be appreciated.
> Gary Meier
> =
Gary - the pros and cons of these have been pretty well covered. But why not
see if you can't find a clean S6? They're getting to be fairly inexpensive
(at least the sedans) and truly kill it in the mountains, especially if you
chip them.

Or an S4?

If you're thinking turbocharged audi, I'd add these to the mix. You might be
able to find a nice clean example with all the upgrades done (chip, brakes,
etc), and the S-Car forum will help you work on it yourself. A lot of very
experienced folks over there.

Good luck.

Tom 95 S6 avant

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