UrS4 auto transmission probs

Duncan Thomson thomson.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 02:13:36 PST 2009

As a further piece of information, I have recently replaced a front
wheel bearing, and in the course of that, have stuffed up the ABS.
Hopefully just need to readjust a sensor.

During some web searching, I found a mention that:
"In the automatics, there is an electronically controlled multi-plate
clutch-differential, controlled via input from the ABS sensors."

So this may be my problem. I will try to fix the sensor, and see if the
symptoms are fixed.


Duncan Thomson wrote:
> Guys,
> I have a '93 UrS4 with an auto box, and it's starting to play up. Very
> jerky changes, along with changing up and down unnecessarily. This box
> appears not to have a dipstick for the tranny, just a plug instead.
> Finding this quite $$$$carey! Really didn't want an auto in the first
> place, and hoping this ain't terminal.
> Especially since all these new-fangled ones have electronic everything,
> and need fancy computer thingiyes to even top up the fluids.
> Any advice / comments? Any way to check fluid levels, or self diagnose,
> or do I need to get this to a dealer asap?
> Any help gratefully received..!
> Duncan
> '93 UrS4

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