[V8] Re-birth of my '90 200 tq

David Michael adavidmichael at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 10:45:28 PST 2009

Brian K. Ullrich wrote:

I do have a couple of issues with the driveability of the car. Two areas
concern me, and they are likely related.
First, the idle is a little rough once the car is warm, and it is prone to
stalling at idle then.


Have you checked your wastegate diaphragm? Sounds like you may be hitting
the overboost cutout, which is very violent. I am suspicious because you are
getting such high boost occasionally - the only time I have seen that
level is when my WFG diaphragm went.  The other telltale is if boost is
building very fast - it tends to (unfortunately) build la little more slowly
with the WGFV is working.

You can check by hooking a mity-vac to the WG diaphragm port.

90 200 QA

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