[V8] Re-birth of my '90 200 tq

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Mon Nov 23 18:10:20 PST 2009

Overboost cut-out for the stock MC2 with a MAC14 (which is what's in a 90
200) is 1.6 bar. So, the wastegate isn't functioning properly. And yes, the
overboost cut-out is quite violent.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:45 PM, David Michael <adavidmichael at gmail.com>wrote:

> Brian K. Ullrich wrote:
> I do have a couple of issues with the driveability of the car. Two areas
> concern me, and they are likely related.
> First, the idle is a little rough once the car is warm, and it is prone to
> stalling at idle then.
> Brian
> Have you checked your wastegate diaphragm? Sounds like you may be hitting
> the overboost cutout, which is very violent. I am suspicious because you
> are
> getting such high boost occasionally - the only time I have seen that
> level is when my WFG diaphragm went.  The other telltale is if boost is
> building very fast - it tends to (unfortunately) build la little more
> slowly
> with the WGFV is working.
> You can check by hooking a mity-vac to the WG diaphragm port.
> Dave
> 90 200 QA
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