O2 sensor

Hayes Myers hayesmyers at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 05:33:23 PST 2009

Hi Brett,

Good point on o2 replacement.  Car history: I bought ~1year/25000km ago
...afer it apparently sat ~4 years. (car has ~270km now).  My ISV was
cycling like crazy before I disconnected it ~5 months ago or more.  I did
some checking then and several folks (audiworld) had changed theirs and
solved the cycling isv  (well..engine was cycling up and down rapidly at
idle...).  Not exactly scientific...but I think the car is my vice now. I
want to turn a wrench so if I come up with excuse for minor job to get out
of the house I do :)  Actually hoping this is useful change.  You will hear
more over the next little while...my 10v isn't running so hot... I'm looking
forward to CIS being happy as I doubt I've had it running to potential yet.

Have a great wrenchin weekend folks. Up our way we still don't have snow...
(Toronto) and so it is nice to have sunny days to mess with the car before
the garage must be sorted to for winter duty. (Probably a better use of my
time to sort the garage for 'real' repairs!)

Cheers, Hayes

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On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Hayes Myers <hayesmyers at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback. Considering snipping wire and using impact
> Mine is probably hardwired by now! We shall see.

The toughest time I had was with the 5000CST.  Lacking the proper
socket, I had to use an assortment of hand wrenches which thankfully
had slightly different angle offsets.  On the crossflow engines, it's
much easier.  In both cases, once you break it loose, it'll spin out
pretty easily.

Why are you replacing the O2 sensor?  They're only good for 60k or so
(Audi recommends outright replacement at 50k on the 20vt if any
trouble is suspected), and relatively cheap, but they also shouldn't
be replaced without reason if you are troubleshooting a problem.

I searched briefly through my list mail and didn't see any prior
discussion from you about it?


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