O2 sensor wrench

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Sat Nov 28 07:04:42 PST 2009

Most parts stores sell a slotted socket specifically for O2 sensor removal.  22 mm is
the O2  size for stock sensor.  

Often these are so "welded" into place that you sometimes need to destroy the old sensor
getting it out, which is OK since you were replacing it.  You may need to cut the wire
at the sensor and hammer on a 21mm.  You may need to knock the housing off, and in one
case I had to drill out the center and re-tap threads.  A tap for a lawnmower spark-plug
will cut the correct threads.

Hopefully yours is not this much of a PITA.


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Well..finally decided that o2 should be changed. (mine is 6+ years old I think!).   Are
there multiple sizes of o2 wrenches? (crows foot type tool)?
Anyone know what size the I5 uses?  Yes. absolutely ridiculous question of the day.

Happy Friday and thanks!

Hayes Myers, P.Eng

91 200 TQM 10v

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