O2 sensor

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Thanks for the 21mm solution Ben. Worked like a charm. We pounded on a 21
deep impact.it turned so easy we thought it hadn't caught the o2. Brilliant.
Tried the o2 socket first. may have loosened a little bit.but slipped
regardless. The 21mm hammers/smashes the top portion of the o2 (so when it
doesn't fit..just bang it on good).  Signs of bounce are still there.. No
bounce yet.it will come though (by experience) as when I upshift the revs
don't fall off. so I have to wait to shift..whereas before it dropped as one
would expect while upshifting .  Throttle body switch sounds like a good one
to check and may explain why my power has never really hit where it should.
Further: I thought I had detonation. apparently it is a heat shield.

O2 is done. Hasn't fixed bounce.  Time to troubleshoot. We didn't pull codes
today either unfortunately. We did resurrect a limp clutch pedal in the Ur
however so all in all a reasonable day.



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Brett is likely correct on this. Idle bounce is almost always due to the
throttle body switch or associated wiring. 

Still it probably is not a bad idea to replace the O2 sensor - needs to be
done someday and the longer it is in there, the harder it will be to get

Just be prepared for a PITA job and be thankful if it come out without
broken tools or injury.  Use at least 1/2" drive - 3/8" will likely shear
off.   The last one I did, I had to break the casing off and pounded on a
sacrificial 21mm 6 point 1/2" drive socket.  One of the 1/2" extensions
sheared, then the NAPA breaker bar.  I finally got it out with a MAP torch
and persistance.

Have anticipated tools on hand and plan for worst - drilling out center just
inside the threads and retapping the hole using lawnmower plug tap - when
you buy the tap then get the correct size metal drill bit called for.  I
have used this tap more than once so consider it a good investment.


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On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 8:33 AM, Hayes Myers <hayesmyers at gmail.com> wrote: 

> Good point on o2 replacement. ?Car history: I bought ~1year/25000km ago 
> ...afer it apparently sat ~4 years. (car has ~270km now). ?My ISV was 
> cycling like crazy before I disconnected it ~5 months ago or more. ?I did 
> some checking then and several folks (audiworld) had changed theirs and 
> solved the cycling isv ?(well..engine was cycling up and down rapidly at 
> idle...). 

I'm 90% sure the above has nothing to do with the O2 sensor on a CIS car. 

Among other things, if it does the idle ping-pong immediately (ie, 
before the O2 sensor has warmed up), it's *definitely* not the O2 

If it has 60k+ since the last O2 sensor change, yes, it'll help with 
mileage and emissions, but it won't solve the idle problems. 

I assume you've checked operation of the ISV?  Have you run all the 
CIS output diagnostics? 


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