O2 sensor

Hayes Myers hayesmyers at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 08:31:33 PST 2009

Detonation-sound turned out to be loose hose going into wastegate . was
doing check for what might have been making noise.found I could move the
hose ..so I tightened it and the car is transformed.  This is relief.


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Thanks for the 21mm solution Ben. Worked like a charm. We pounded on a 21
deep impact.it turned so easy we thought it hadn't caught the o2. Brilliant.
Tried the o2 socket first. may have loosened a little bit.but slipped
regardless. The 21mm hammers/smashes the top portion of the o2 (so when it
doesn't fit..just bang it on good).  Signs of bounce are still there.. No
bounce yet.it will come though (by experience) as when I upshift the revs
don't fall off. so I have to wait to shift..whereas before it dropped as one
would expect while upshifting .  Throttle body switch sounds like a good one
to check and may explain why my power has never really hit where it should.
Further: I thought I had detonation. apparently it is a heat shield.

O2 is done. Hasn't fixed bounce.  Time to troubleshoot. We didn't pull codes
today either unfortunately. We did resurrect a limp clutch pedal in the Ur
however so all in all a reasonable day.


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