[urq] 83 ur-q brake servo rebuild questions

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Hi Martin,
I do need a seal kit, but it is for the cast iron servo, not the alloy servo. Isn't there at least one seal that is different?

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Hi Keith,

Alan has sent me the rest of the seal kits that he had.
If anyone needs one, let me know.


Martin Pajak


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> Keith Lloyd
> Hello all
> I researched this a while ago and some kind soul pointed me in the
> direction
> of a great web page with pictues of a dismantled alloy servo that enabled
> me
> to dismantle a spare one I had. With a bit of research and some help from
> friends on the urq-list I managed to get all the seals and o-rings to
> rebuild the servo although thankfully I have not had to use it yet
> (equally
> I don't know whether it works properly or not - can't see why it
> shouldn't).
> The link to the web page is:
> http://www.quattro.ca/Urq/Brake_servo_guide.pdf
> Hope this helps.
> I'm sure I got one or more of the seals from Alan Pemberton (on urq list)
> who is somewhere on west coast Canada I think.
> Hope this helps
> Keith
> '87 WR - wet and windy Worcestershire, England
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> I don't usually go for spamming multiple lists, but since you didn't
> include
> the urq group I'll make sure folks there see your request.
> I still don't have BTDT on the actual rebuild, but I can tell you that
> yes,
> there are two types of hydraulic brake servos on the urq, a cast iron unit
> and an alloy unit.  You may want to search the archives and the KB, I do
> recall someone posting the list of parts required.
> Steve Buchholz
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> I'm hoping this will be a quick one, but I think I know better...
> I'm looking for information on a rebuild for the hydraulic brake servo on
> an
> '83 ur-q.
> I've seen a pictures and a procedure on the rebuild but I'm not finding
> information like part numbers for the seals/o-rings, etc.
> Also are they're more than one type of servo used based on vintage or vin
> number?
> Any btdt?
> thanks,
> todd c
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